Shazaga! (voodoodollyiii) wrote,


Oh my gosh--make it stop. It's 2:45AM and i can not go to sleep. Migraine still going on. Laid down ten minutes ago and i can't even think of sleep cause my brain is practically spinning inside my head. It's like i'm the most ADHD person in the world that just drank an entire 4 pack of red bull. I feel like bill paxton in the final driving scene of Lost Highway...just wigging out. All these thoughts are bouncing around nonstop and i SWEAR when i lay my head on the pillow, the strange echo in my ear sounds like the radio is on quietly. oh god, now i am hearing radio transmissions in my ear. i'm going crazy. what the heck? i didn't drink any caffiene at all today. excedrin tension headache has no caffiene, either. i wish i could turn off my brain.
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