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Here's Nicholai and myself, 5 months ago.

Check out the friend request I got on myspace...hahaha. Pole dancing is the new exercise class somewhere. I would be so afraid to answer that ad. However, it does sound fun!
Dominic slept so good last night. He is usually up til about 10:30, but I put him down at 9 and he woke up an hour later, so I fed him real quick and just let him fall asleep again instead of taking him downstairs like usual, and he slept all night, only waking once. Yippie! Hope it works again tonight.
i have papers to grade. nooooooo. we start the kids changing classes for math tomorrow and i have the low group. ms. reidenbach is going to do this test program on them that guarantees they will know all their times tables in 3 weeks or your money back. it will be a miracle if it works. i'm glad she'll me doing that the first 15 minutes of every class. we're the only third grade in the world, i believe, that switches classes for each subject now. i only have my own real class for science.
i think i will be good for the low group in math, cause i was low myself! i'll tell them i know how they feel cause i stunk at math. haha.
i have a migraine. it was a crappy weekend for nicholai. tantrum city. I'm trying to burn off the pain with lots of coke (A-COLA!) and motrin. I'll be glad when I can take the real migraine stuff again, though I really haven't had many headaches lately. When I do, though--KABOOM! NOT fun with kids around. Allen was merciful and let me sleep with Dominic from 8-11 (yes, he's a LATE sleeper!) and he took Nicholai to Pep Boys--radiator changing time.
i want high speed internet back. i've paid off one credit card and paid $600 on a small one this month, so i think i deserve it. not gonna happen, though.
We went shopping for Allen's birthday gifts (note to self--call courtney to tell her happy birthday tomorrow), and Nicholai pretty much picked them all out. So, he's got an interensting bag of gifts, which i consider more SWEET and SPECIAL than whatever i would have picked...he's got a t-shirt with woody woodpecker on it and some words about auto body paint shop or something, a hand puppet monster, a card with a crocodile on it, armageddon (the best movie of all time, he says...haha--girly movie for boys), some strawberry daquari jello, and something else i forgot. then i got him a target gift card so he can get whatever he wants. i'm making bean soup for his birthday dinner cause he's been wanting it AND cause we're too poor to go out for real until next weekend, when we'll go to kyoto's or something and have a litle date night! yahoo!

I think this one's funny--looks like the paparazzi caught us or something! I look like such a priss...I think anyone would with that kind of dog. He's Reeve's dog, Happy...one of the only dogs I like, because it's smaller than most kittens, smells human, is oh-so-soft, and feels as light as a marshmallow. (Fluffy and full of air, kind of how my butt/things look here, all fluid retentive and not rid of all that baby-induced fat...they are back to normal now.) I've claimed his offspring as my own, if it ever happens. I think they'd be retarted, though, because we said he'd be mating with Reeve's sister's dog, which is his sister. That could make him even cuter, though...

Sooper dooper picture post.

These are from when Dominic was just a week old or so...so, 5 and a half months ago. Reeves took them--it's SO nice to have a professional photographer as a friend that likes to practice with your kids! Finally--pictures I am proud of!

My computer, is too slow to upload all the ones I want to, so I'll just do a couple on the next few posts.

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It's not the new year yet, but I'm still writing. No, no resolutions to mention than the same ones I have made for probably the past few years. I did have an excellent new year's night, and it is still going on. My mom and I made a deal--if I went to get her prescriptions and made a trip to wal-mart for her, she'd keep the kids while we went to a movie and to eat. I knew there was no point in asking to go out late tonight, and i didn't even care. So, allen and i headed out to go see that Night at the Museum movie, since Borat is gone. We weren't thrilled about the movie, but it was ok. Ended up the movie times were wrong on the internet, so we skipped the movie, which made us have a better night, We went to eat at La Hacienda. THen we walked a few steps around the outlet mall and enjoyed leaving quickly with no one fussing that we were leaving. We also laughed at all the people out with kids. haha. we went to target and got the christmas decorations for next year's seventies tree, with colored lights and gold garland. we almost went somewhere for desert, but i was just all date-y feeling, so i told him i wanted to go to park circle and hang out on the playground at night...the christmas lights were still up there. i wanted to make out like high schoolers. i wanted to swing on the swings. ended up that people were there, so we just played on the equipment. we wandered around the whole place, and then I told him we needed to just go to the stinking duck pond for some PRIVACY! Of course, the duck pond was WELL lit, and then we had to escape to a darker parking spot cause ours was under a floodlight and people decided to sit right in front of it. SO, we reparked and made out...but i wouldn't let anything but kissing happen cause i just wanted to be like that. So, we had 15 minutes of kissing and that's it--cool. We came home to g-ma's and played with sparklers with nicholai and then back to our house, where nicholai and i took a bath and ate strawberries and that spray whip cream stuff in tub! wheeee! just being silly for new year's. THen we had a thirty minute dance party in our room, with the swirly light ball i bought and our i-tunes lineup playing on the computer. Fun fun. Now nicholai is asleep and dominic is trying to start crying for me since i am taking a minute to rush out a badly-written entry! so, off to play with him and HOPEFULLY get him to sleep so allen and i can finish what we started at the duck pond for our new year's party. He tried to drink a rockstar energy drink so he can stay awake, but hated it.
GOing to g-ma's all day tomorrow and cooking a turkey.
Happy new year to everyone.

Embarassing in so many ways

i just cleaned the dreaded area under the sink...roach poo central. Disgusting. I won't gross you out too much, but ew. It's strange how the roachiness started anyway, which was back when we had a sudden flea infestation one summer and I bombed the house, and afer that the roaches came out. We had never had them before. we're clean! It was amazing we didn't have them before, living by the water. Anyway, I am in manic cleaning mood right now and need to go buy all kinds of cleaners, but Dominic is lately staying up til 10-11, so I can't do my nighttime sneaking to the store trick. I have tons of work to do for school tonight, too.
Beginning a list for myself to remember some CDs i want when I can afford them:
new justin timberlake
new aguilera
i can't remember the rest--this is just for me to add to as i need to keep a list.
i have taken a bath but i feel SO disgustingly roach poo covered. i might HAVE to go to the store anyway and buy body delouser.
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See those? THE BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD! I noticed you can buy a five pound bag of them online. WHAT?!!!!! Nothing is better for breakfast--you've got to eat them before brushing your teeth...I'm sneaking them so I don't have to share. Only one left--sniff sniff!

I want some barbeque, too--dukes...we've got to cut g-ma's grass today (OOH! I actually CAN if i want--maybe i will today as a workout) so maybe I can convince her to treat us to some!