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And the night was full of baby chickens

14 May 1974
Bio Schmio. No one uses LJ anymore, so what's the point!!!
a perfect circle, ana voog, anais nin, anathema, antiques, artists, ataraxia, b-movies, babies that don't cry, bauhaus, beastie boys, being funnier than you, billy blanks bootcamp, biographies, bipolar, bjork, body modification, books, brian eno, byron, cat stevens, cats, charleston, cheb mami, chevelle, child development, churches, comedy, cooking, crime, crimelibrary.com, crispin glover, cults, culture, cursive, dancehall regaee, darkness, david gahan, death, depeche mode, disintegration, disturbed, donnie darko, drag queens, driving, dudley, dying hair, effective use of codewords, emotional car kareoke, evil, excessive youtubing, exercise, experimental music, fefe dobson, filipino, food, genealogy, getting crunk!, greece, gullah, halloween, haribo gummi peaches, history, horror, incense, india, industrial, interior design, interpol, iq tests, john waters, johnny depp, journaling too much, journals, joy division, kmfdm/mdfmk, lateralus, learning, long hair, love and rockets, makeup, marriage, mcilhenny's tobasco sauce, mensa, middle east, migraines, miranda sex garden, mirror neurons, mlwttkk, molotov, mood lighting, moping, morrissey, music, music history, musicians, my chemical romance, narcissism, nde, night, nin, obsessive phases, old school goth, paranormal, peter murphy, philippines, photography, plantagenets, poetry, poppy z. brite, psychology, recipes, recoil, religions, religious art, sarcasm, self-portraits, serial killers, serj tankian, silverchair, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, spying and stalking, sushi, swamps, synthesizers, system of a down, tea, teaching, techno, the cramps, the creatures, the cure, the good life, the pierces, the pixies, the unattainable, the virgin prunes, tool, tori amos, vacationing, voice, wanting to be music, wilmington, wire, yma sumac, yoga