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LOOK! Decent pictures of me from today! Nicholai was wearing what I called the butterbean suit cause of the yellow and green, and I was so happy to see him after being at work all day.....anyway, PICTURES OF US! Clickity click!
We're about to go downtown once nicholai wakes up. I am HOPING we can have tonight be out rationed out night to eat at a restaurant (my new idea to save money--only eat out once a week--on the weekend)...Nicholai is napping after a trip to Isle of Palms cause he didn't sleep but 30 minutes at his usual naptime--so he should be in a good mood....what do i want to eat? i am thinking pizza. unfortunately, i have these 2 crappy steaks in the fridge i have been putting off cooking for a couple days and should do now. it's too late to cook! i could go for a big, fat burger from somewhere...we had some really good ones somewhere..where was it? oh--this place on East Montague (whichever is the one with N Chas. high school) called Johnnys--the guy who owns it was also in charge of redoing my g-ma's house and he brought her burgers from there everyday--or whatever she wanted. shoot--i'd take sonic, even. i've gone three days without buying anything! it's a miracle! maybe i should do an incentive calender like a kid in school and give myself a gold star each day i don't use my credit card (or any money at all, actually)! then i can get a prize at the end of the week! from allen! muhahaha!

i'm in a REALLY good mood right now for some particular reason (on other journal!). I'll have to write about it later. now i am gonna go.

aaaahhh---i'm in heaven.
I need to clean.
I don't want to clean.
I don't have that much to clean.
I just don't want to do it.
I want to stay on the computer.
Later, I am going to get a new driver's license and back to the library.

Most exciting post ever.
It's better than cleaning.

Jul. 18th, 2005

I really want a cat again. But if we're thinking about moving, we may as well wait. The ONLY good thing about not having a cat is no hair all over the place. That's the only good thing. Darnit, I want cats all over the place. I want an orange one, a white one, a persian one (hair), I just want a cat! Whaaaaa. All I have is my neighbor's cat to lure to my porch with food. I miss Bebe. I hope someone adopted her.

FREE FOOD in Charleston!

HEY! For those of you who live in Charleston, FREE FOODDDD!!!!!

You know that place that used to be O'Reilley's on King street, near Sermets and Wentworth? It's a BBQ place called Jim and Nick's now and since they are training their staff tonight, the food is ALL FREEEEEE! They aren't reall advertizing, but it is til 8 or 9. We got BBQ sandwiches, dessert and tea for free--and it's actually really good!

GO! Free Food!!!!!!!

We were goinga nyway, and then to learn it was free tonight--that was just cool as heck!


Allen's Day in the Cadaver Room

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So, here I am shuddering at remembering the anatomy cat, being grossed out at the smell I remembered, etc. Maybe I'm not up to being a funeral home beautician after all!

My mom did get that lady on the phone, but she is just a sub there and couldn't really just take me under her wing, but did say you don't need specific makeup training and that they are expanding their business. She said I should just call and talk to the guy in charge.

That's ok. I think I won't.


At that wake yesterday, my mom knew the lady at the "reception desk" (i don't know what it's really called) because they were good friends in high school. She also does the makeup on the dead people...and she is a makeup lady at Belks, too. So, seeing as you probably might not need formal training to do that (?), I asked my mom if she could ask her if I can be her little apprentice or something....cause I have always thought the mortician makeup person (whatever THEY are called) would be cool--I know I've said that many times on here. I hadn't even gotten around to making my entry about the wake yesterday, but the main thing I was going to talk about was how since I didn't know the lady at all, I didn't have that sad feeling to make me feel bad for looking at her and noticing the makeup...wondering how they get the colors just right and noticing that they use pink lamps all around her, but white all over the rest of the room. I was just thinking today, too, how I still want that Death to Dust book, but that I should wait til a holiday and let Allen get it for me as a gift, since I am really trying to save money. Anyway, it would be SO cool if that lady was just like, "oh, sure, she can come sit with me during a makeup session and I'll show her how to do it", and maybe it could lead to something (like me getting really good at it and I could leave teaching for a peaceful job!!). But, I'm not holding my breath at all.

home of my dreams

I've always wanted to have a house that has 1 or 2 rooms more than I actually need--just bedroom-sized ones, that can be made into theme-type rooms...like, the arts and crafts (that would be for making beaded paper cup maracas and paper plate yarn threading) room, the biblioteca (but I'd need lots more books so the rest of the house wouldn't be sparse of them), some kinda jungle loung-y room, and a dance room--a ballroom! Rooms that could be decorated like crazy just for fun. Tonight I am aching for the dance room...sure, it's just as easy to put on music and do it in any room, but I just want an absolutely empty room and some lights and to blast my radio ALL the way up. We were driving around in the car and britney spears (she doesn't get capitals) was on and that started it. Yes, I'm the owner of her greatest hits cd. So what! In reality, I will probably end up with one extra room, to be the computer room/extra furniture-turned-into-living-room room----with dance area in the middle. Great.

We went to the new Riverfront Park on the old navy shipyard base today. It was pretty cool (not really). They had a big sandbox with lots of toys (soon to be stolen) Nicholai could play with. But the BEST BEST BEST part was this...I always want to go inside old buildings that are vacant and plunder around. I don't have the nerve, though. Well, there are these 4 houses called the Panama Houses right by the water, built in 1932, I think. By the way--this base has been closed for about 10 years. Anyway, we went up to the house just to peek in the screen porch, and it was all open...we weren't sure if it was meant to be or what, but we went inside and IT WAS SO COOL! I wanted to just move my stuff in right there. The houses are for lease--I wonder how much? TOo much. Anyway, they had solid wood floors, done in a square pattern. The living room, dining room, and i don't know what other room took up basically the whole top floor, with no dividing walls--just straight across room...HUGE windows all over the walls, high ceilings, chandeliers still up, gigantor kitchen with the biggest pantry ever (basically it was a small room with a counter and shelves up and down the entire wall)...the walls were painted a very cool minty green color and the others were a peachy pink. I've been searching the internet for info on the houses or the whole officer's neighborhood area. By the looks of the houses, the officers were treated like gods. My grandpa was an officer, but apparently not ENOUGH of an officer to deserve that treatment! It was like heaven over there--I'd never been before. Also, they had this nifty old playground. I don't see why I couldn't go over there and take nicholai...aside from possible tetnus. I could just park in an abandoned officer's mansion driveway and walk. Oh--and inside the place it's all hilly like crazy--they built mountains in charleston for the officer gods! If i was a jogger (but i hate running), that would be my new place. If you live in charleston, go check this neighborhood out. Just go in the navy base on that cosgrove entrance, follow the signs to Riverfront Park, and then stay to the left to go in the neighborhood. I wonder how long til they renovate the houses (which don't look bad) and sell them for basquillions of dollars? also, try to go in the panama houses--it's the four little (compared to the mansions) white houses in front of the park entrance--the one we went in was the one on the left of the walkway.

Aaaahhh--my dream right now--to go to that little house, party away in the ballroom of an upper floor, and do stuff....with allen...muhahaha.
Didn't get to sleep til after 4 last night. At least nicholai slept all night, which was a shock since he went to bed in his shorts and shirt and diaper from the fireworks still on.

we saw War of the Worlds...better than i expected, but also really brainless.
overall, though, i'd say it was worth the money.

i hate the weather out right now--absolutely no wind, not much humidity, really overcast and quiet. depresso.

this has got to be the best journal entry ever!


Oh my gosh--make it stop. It's 2:45AM and i can not go to sleep. Migraine still going on. Laid down ten minutes ago and i can't even think of sleep cause my brain is practically spinning inside my head. It's like i'm the most ADHD person in the world that just drank an entire 4 pack of red bull. I feel like bill paxton in the final driving scene of Lost Highway...just wigging out. All these thoughts are bouncing around nonstop and i SWEAR when i lay my head on the pillow, the strange echo in my ear sounds like the radio is on quietly. oh god, now i am hearing radio transmissions in my ear. i'm going crazy. what the heck? i didn't drink any caffiene at all today. excedrin tension headache has no caffiene, either. i wish i could turn off my brain.