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At that wake yesterday, my mom knew the lady at the "reception desk" (i don't know what it's really called) because they were good friends in high school. She also does the makeup on the dead people...and she is a makeup lady at Belks, too. So, seeing as you probably might not need formal training to do that (?), I asked my mom if she could ask her if I can be her little apprentice or something....cause I have always thought the mortician makeup person (whatever THEY are called) would be cool--I know I've said that many times on here. I hadn't even gotten around to making my entry about the wake yesterday, but the main thing I was going to talk about was how since I didn't know the lady at all, I didn't have that sad feeling to make me feel bad for looking at her and noticing the makeup...wondering how they get the colors just right and noticing that they use pink lamps all around her, but white all over the rest of the room. I was just thinking today, too, how I still want that Death to Dust book, but that I should wait til a holiday and let Allen get it for me as a gift, since I am really trying to save money. Anyway, it would be SO cool if that lady was just like, "oh, sure, she can come sit with me during a makeup session and I'll show her how to do it", and maybe it could lead to something (like me getting really good at it and I could leave teaching for a peaceful job!!). But, I'm not holding my breath at all.


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Jul. 9th, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
Re: connections...
don't forget F)Torrential downpours nonstop, so you can't even go out and try to have fun, even if you had time (see b).

i hate this rain. i get cabin fever so bad and so quickly...i just don't like staying home.

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